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Running the previous SharkAndroid but didn't know there was a thread here. I'm observing the thread in 4pda. It runs awesome! Although I partly understand Russian (and all Slavic languages) I couldn't figure out some of the stuff in the thread there. I want to ask you here - can the following be put to any use for our device ?


Due to the simplicity of the vivante hardware, etna_viv has surpassed libv has achieved more quickly than similar projects. The project has produced a functional-but-unoptimized Gallium3D LLVM driver. etna_viv has surpassed vivante's own proprietary code in some benchmarks. It supports Vivante's product line of GC400 Series, GC800 Series, GC1000 Series, GC2000 Series, GC4000 Series, GC5000 Series and GC6000 Series

Source code here:

News article here: http://www.phoronix.....tem&px=MTI3MjU

Etnaviv is a project to build an FOSS user-space driver for the Vivante GCxxx series of embedded GPUs.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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