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Custom 4.1.1 Jelly Bean © gumymoty™ MOD® Based on Zenithink's Official 20130522 Jelly Bean 4.1(C93 H6_1f).

Font Screenshot Software Technology Electronic device
Font Software Technology Electronic device Screenshot
Font Technology Audio equipment Rectangle Screenshot
Colorfulness Light Font Line Screenshot
Azure Hood Font Screenshot Automotive lighting
Communication Device Gesture Gadget Font Automotive design
Azure Automotive design Gesture Gadget Font
Product Black Font Screenshot Software

:good: i make a new rom :drinks:

2GB kernel

Swap Internal Memory with Sd Card :yahoo:

sdcard0 is real microSD external_sdcard is the flash memory

Rooted with SuperSu :ph34r:

Halo Launcher

GLTools (graphics optimizer)

apps added; :spiteful:

Market Unlocker,
Freedom APK,
ROM Toolbox,
Tincore Keymapper

mod build.prop for better compatability :) Nexus 7


* :spiteful: kernel modules added; xpad, hid-sony, hid-gaff, hid-pll (X360 / PS3 / Generic gamepads); cp210x, pl2303 (USB2Serial drivers for USB GPS dongles),!OsJyQR4b!a9O8_00aKxAYXIVpHkHPAYtFU3sMcAXPq3Olk6lPcgo

The method of firmware installation for this model
Using TF card
  • First extract the firmware which you get or download, then copy the whole "zt-update" directory into the root directory of TF card.
  • Put the TF card into TF card slot, then press the "Back" button at the same time to press the power-on button, then operate as per the reminders shown on the screen, the machine will be installed the firmware and then reboot.
Note: keep charged when the machine is being installed the firmware.
Please do remember to press "Camera" or "Back" key while you see "Found 'SPL:ZT283_h6_1f_600', matchdo boot update? 'CAMERA+' key sure, otherwise cancel".


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Thanks for the custom firmware!!! Fixes the cannot mount inernal sd card issue. Good Rom!!!

Thanks for your all hard work!! Any other future roms?

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i try to make other roms , ex pac man ,kitkat , but stok in bootlop , but is posibile to port other roms i tray but the problem is the rezolution , , end a lat of problems , , I PREFER THIS ROM BICAZ I HAD ENTHERNET SETINGS , i make modification of apok rom wit 2 gb kindel end stuf .... but abter a long time to use i had some erors , end i dicaid to make this Custom 4.1.1 Jelly Bean ROM. maby in 1 dai i wil post another mod of a new rom ...
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