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[Custom Boot Animation/Logo + Tutorial] Google Gears

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Hi guys, here's my little contribution to the scene.
I was upset with the Flashback's Boot animation (no offense to the dev, but for the life of me... it's ugly!) so i decided to "port" the one i use on my HTC Desire.
So here it is, just copy the to your /data/local folder and reboot to enjoy it.

You can either use a file manager (root manager, file manager hd, es file explorer...), i personnally go for the QtADB option (easier way to handle files).
Here's what it will look like:

Edit - 18/Sept/2011:
Just a little video to show the work in progress.
I've managed to change the boot logo, working on a little app to ease the process for everyone atm.

Edit - 19/Sept/2011:
Until i come with a nice solution to reboot in APX mode, please use the following archive to flash a custom splash screen.
Little dirty tut, wait for a better one.

0. Always make a backup / Download and unpack the main archive / Read the whole tut twice before proceeding.

1. If you have already installed the APX drivers and made a backup of your partitions, please go to step 5.

2. Otherwise just power your tab off, then press Volume - and Power On till the screen turns black.
Windows will ask for specific drivers, locate them in the previous unpacked archive. When it's done proceed to the next step.

3. Run 'backup_hannspad.bat' to backup your partitions.
Please save those part?.img somewhere safe. Open the partition.txt and look for the following line: Name=BLO.
Just above, you'll find 'PartitionId=x'.
This number is important, as it tells us which partition holds the Boot LOgo. For me it's partition 7:
4. Once it's done, power off. Then boot once again in APX mode (vol - and power), you might need to do this since sometime the apx command line isn't
really recognized.

5. If your partitionID is not 7, edit the "nvflash_hannspad_splash.bat" from the archive to the relevant number.
Otherwise run it and wait till it's finished. You'll see some progress in the window..

6. When everything is over, just reboot. Yoou should see your new splash screen.

7. If it doesn't work:
- Check the logo.bmp. Your picture must be 1024x600x24bits, check the following section ffor more info.
- Power the tab off, and restart the flash, sometimes apx is peeky.

Hope it helps till we find a better solution.

Quick sum up, for lazy users:
Double check your BLO partition (often 7 on our Hannspad, but could be 6 or Gtablet).
Make a specific bmp, width = 1024, height = 600, and 24bits, save it as logo.bmp
You could also open the one in the archive and edit it to your needs, make sure to keep the settings (1024x600x24).
Reboot the Hannspad in apx with Volume - and Power for a while, till it starts to boot but the screen turns black.
Then run the "nvflash_hannspad_splash.bat" from the archive, it will works just fine.
If your PartitionId is not '7', then you must edit the previous .bat file with the relevant number (for ex, 6).

Reboot and enjoy.
If it doesn't work, post your log or errors here.


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Ok, I´ll give it a look tomorrow...

Should not be too hard to find that logo somewhere in that ROM
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Found it!

It is inside the boot.img ^^
When you unpack boot.img you get the ramdisk and inside the ramdisk there is initlogo.rle.

This is the Android 3.0 screen.

Now its time to find out how to play with it
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Hehe nice found Alucard. Give me some time and i'll kick it

Edit - 9:35 PM : Check your pm, please.

Edit - 9.38 PM : Done
Managed to flash another custom splash screen
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Yep I flashed some custom images too

Just seems there is no way to completely skip it.
When I just delete the file I get a black screen with ANDROID on the left...

And my logo file is not displayes correctly atm, trying to figure out why

EDIT: YAY, everything works fine now ^^
I made a little Video of my customized Boot Process:

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Yep I flashed some custom images too

Just seems there is no way to completely skip it.
When I just delete the file I get a black screen with ANDROID on the left...

And my logo file is not displayes correctly atm, trying to figure out why

EDIT: YAY, everything works fine now ^^
I made a little Video of my customized Boot Process:


Forgive this question from a newbie to the Hannspad and customisation if this seems a silly question but I simply love that Droid eating the apple and would love to use that.

Is it available to download somewhere?

The complete image is not available for download as I created it myself in Photoshop ^^

It is basically a mixture of the Bios Bootscreen for Asus Transformer, which can be found at xda-developers
and the Droid eating the apple which can be found on Google.

e.g. here:
Nosferatu, do you mind pming your original logo.bmp and your initlogo.rle?

I'm working on a soft and i've found some weird bugs:
- the initlogo.rle is _always_ vertically flipped,
- the image is shifted, around 20 pixels to the left,
- sometimes, the colors are mixed up,
- sometimes, some part of the palette is displayed as few pixels in the upper left corner.

Yet i don't know if those issues are either related to the hannspad RLE decoding routine, or the to565 encrypting one...
Maybe the regular RLE encoder doesn't suit our hannspad... it might need to encrypt from the start -> EOF. All the versions i've tested are working backwards (from the end of the file -> begining).

Anyone willing to give a hand is welcome
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No problem, I´ll sent it to you somewhen this evening.
I´m not on my home computer right now, but when I´m back I´ll do it.

I´ve also had some problems with the output .rle file.
But after the third or fourth try it worked.
I´ll try to find out what made the difference.

I think I used a jpeg to convert instead of a bmp but I´m not a 100% sure.
But I did it with to565 so it should not be a problem there.
Yep, no problem, i don't have the time to look at it anyway... i just broke my car :-/

Need to check something with the engine, so i won't be able to look into it before saturdat/sunday.
Ok, it seems that i've tracked down and fixed my issues. Might come with a quick solution soon.
By the way, it also seems that i was wrong, the right size for the 1st splash screen is 1024x600, not 1024x655.
Thanks! Is there also a possibility to build a gui for changing the boot animations in android?
Dear Kameo,

Thanks for your little tutorial and tool to change the boot logo.
Now I feel so cool thanks to you!!!
You're welcome nente

@lemarcusio: not sure what you meant, can you please elaborate a little bit.

By the way, my app is done.

At least the part that ease the creation of the 2nd splash screen.Still need to tweak some stuff with the ADB/APX mode.
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Hey Kameo, any chance of an update on how you managed to change the Flashback logo or a link to the software you wrote? I've researched how to unpack, edit, and re-pack boot images but it seems ridiculously complicated using perl scripts and hex editors. A simple tool would be amazing.


Ah never mind, found the answer here for anyone interested...
I use Shady File Manager (root) Free to access the system/media folder to replace the

Tried QtADB but whilst it would recognise my phone, it would not see the Hannspad (TeamDRH ICS 1.2 ROM)
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