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Hi Folks.I am quite enchanted with the idea of an Android tablet device as an ebook reader (and little else, really right now).Being in the US I suspect that the best spot to get one is Ebay, but the prices, reputations and variations are very wide to the point of bafflement.I read all the entries here and found they are mostly in the UK for the new ones.What I seek:-A bigger screened reader (than the Jetbook I have now) that mostly has great support for TXTs and PDFs.-Price: under $130, shipped to US.-Ability to use external power sources while reading - AC and/or battery.-Good reliability and durability-To be able to get a replacement warranty for when it kraps out.-Universal type connections so cabling is easy.-NOT tied to a vendor or site in ANY manner for content.-NOT tied to ANY form of DRM.-(And if it can use externals via USB 2 USB ports would be fabulous !)Thus far:I -WAS- attracted to some models at DealExtreme - but just out of curiosity called Squaretrade to ask about buys at DX +/- their service and that is an absolute NO GO. Nixed DX.There's LOTS of decent looking choices at fleabay (which is 100% OK with the Squaretrade folks...) but LOTS of controversy over Android versions, upgradeability, access to the 'market', battery life, touchscreen quality - and on and on and on...My usual test for any fleabay seller is to hit them with questions and watch the quality and speed of their response(s), if any - I also use great care with Asian sellers and in watching items sold vs. feedback.The top runner, model-wise and price-wise so far WAS an 8" 'Apad' EKEN M003, for $125 + 10sh offered by an unresponsive Asian seller (ooops, nevermind.).After extensive checking around I am seriously considering the M001 model because of all the work done to improve it by so many people - here, especially.The gist of my inquiry:Amongst all the current bazillions of sellers - readers - tablets - is there a particular gem which meets my qualifications that I may have missed ?Wireless/internet/video/audio are NOT things that matter to me in this quest.I live in a very rural area and internet is here but not my focus for a tablet.Thanks !mark
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