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Last month, Cubot released their brand new smartphone particularly known as Cubot X11 , a smartphone offers a 5.5-inch phablet with an average power level, but with a really nice design, which also comes with IP65 water resistance.

The Cubot x11 is presented as a phablet mid-range, although Soc incorporates something old and offers a pretty decent performance level , it still gives us a pretty smooth experience in the vast most used scenarios.

The screen comes from a quality provider, as is "Japan Display" , a joint venture formed in 2012 by Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi, and to give us an idea of their quality, manufactures screens for iPhone and others. This is a screen that suffers from some low density pixel (267).

As storage, the amount of RAM is 2GB and the internal space is 16 GB expandable, so we will not have major problems except that we like to install a heavy or too many applications.

Equally satisfying is the battery incorporated with 2850 mAh, attached to a low-power SoC and an HD display, they should offer a day of autonomy without resorting to boot. As a drawback, the fact that this battery is not removable , but is the price to pay for a uni body chassis and "water resistant".

The photographic section handles one front 8-megapixel camera and a wide angle of 88°, which should be more than enough to get good selfies and videoconferencing.

Cubot X11 stands out above the other smartphone in this price range with the build quality, a sturdy frame made of titanium and zinc, finishing in glass and aluminum. The display joins the trend of 2.5 D, leading to a terminal with an elegant design , available in both white and black pearl bright. This is also a fairly thin terminal, because its thickness remains within 6.5mm .

Builted the Cubot X11 with IP65 certification protects against dust and water (a basic-level water thrown).

X11 Cubot against Xiaomi Redmi Note 2
Let's compare the X11 Cubot phablet and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2.

It is clear that the Redmi Note 2 is the big winner, thanks to the Helio X10 is a more powerful and modern Soc. Xiaomi also wins in the section of connections , because both support Dual SIM, OTG, GPS and FM Radio, the Xiaomi Redmi Note gives support for 4G networks.
Again won the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 because it offers full HD resolution with a higher pixel density.

The battery is fairly even, as though the Cubot X11 is smaller, lower consumption should offer a similar autonomy, at least on paper.
Both have 2 GB of RAM , so they are equally suitable for multitasking, although most power Xiaomi also influences this aspect. Also, both can expand its memory by Micro-SD card.
IR emitter
Both terminals have a feature called IR emitter , although in this case, it leaves us Cubot on its website, a link to the "ZAZAREMOTE" (app to use it as a remote control).

The Cubot X11 is available in two stylish colors: white pearl and black shiny. Design and strength of construction materials of x11 Cubot far surpass those of Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 built entirely in plastic. Moreover the Cubot X11 is lighter, and quite thin, so it feels lighter in hand.
Besides the Xiaomi lacks water resistance and dust , making it more vulnerable to hostile environments that Cubot X11, such as the beach or snow.

Final verdict of Cubot X11
It seems that Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 will be most satisfactory, but if you know phablet seeks to combine design, performance and price, then X11 is an option Cubot to be added into your cart.

Cubot X11 is a cheap and decisive phablet, with a power and amount of RAM in the middle of other terminals this year, which is only somewhat overshadowed by the fact of using a SoC lacking support for 4G networks; with remarkable performance in all sections, and a design and construction, make it stand out from the rest of China's middle range.

Watch Cubot x11 IP65 Waterproof hands on, antutu, camera, gps, battery review from 1949deal

Watch Cubot X11 IP65 Waterproof 5.5 Inch HD Octa Core Smartphone review on Youtube

Buy Cubot x11 from 1949deal for $179.99
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