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Cover/Case For Eken

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I have bought a case designed for the Kindle 2 reader which fits just nicely. Its a neoprene slipcase and cost about 3 GBP. The Kindle 2 is a few millimetres different dimension-wise, so other cases for the same device might just fit also.
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I am taking the plunge and getting a simple neoprene case made for the Kindle 2 off of ebay (like 10 bucks) .. will report on it when I get it.
Making this available to all, since... well I have the info...----------------------Size comparisons for popular e-readers:Eken m001: H: 8.15" (201mm) W: 4.69" (119mm) D: 0.5" (13mm)Kindle 2 (this apparently is NOT the DX!) : H: 8" W: 5.3" D: 0.76" <---As stated in first post, this is the closest match.Kindle DX: H: 10.4" W: 7.2" D: 0.38"Nook: H: 7.7" W: 5.3" D: 0.5"Kobo: H: 7.2" W: 4.7" D: 0.4"------------------So the Kindle 2 (not the same as DX) has the closest specs, only issue would be that the eken is a bit taller. For flip-style cases which use diagonally placed elastics or other means to secure the device, I'd have to see a case/cover and try the eken in it to make sure the elastics can actually secure the thing. .15" doesn't sound like much, but it could be a major issue. Anyone know someone with a Kindle 2 case with such a setup like this? Example:
or this:
Hope this helps blablabla, and please let us know if you can solve this!
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[quote author=rcon303 link=topic=58.msg2456#msg2456 date=1274932428]on a remotly related topic- anyone have plans to custom paint/mod their cases?i have used auto paint on some roland music synths with great results...shocked thatchina hasn't started making rubberized cases yet like they have for iphones etc.. ???[/quote]I forgot who, but someone has done this successfully, and in black. Looks GREAT. Just search the forum for "slimming" or "slimmer"... you'll see.
Just bought a "carrier" or "bag" for mine since I couldn't find a decent "book-style" cover for it...8 bucks or so plus shipping, came out to under 10 bucks from ebay seller Firegadgets
Will letcha know how it goes when it gets here.
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Wow, that Eken-specific case looks pretty good, was pretty much exactly what I was saying I was unable to find a week or so ago. Mental note... -------------------Also, my neoprene case got here. It was originally for a Kindle 2 (notice a pattern developing?) fits the eken like a glove, as in it barely fit. But not too tight where it's unusable, plus it has a pocket in the front for things like cables, pens (or other stylus tools) or car chargers. Yes, will test out the charger soon and let you know.Images to follow, I definitely recommend.
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