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Please Provide Me Dictionary for HCLME Tab



along with Process How to Install It IN HCLME MODEL U1

Want to Load a Dictionary here and Work too When No Internet Connection[OFFLINE] as Like in ordinary PC i had Shilpa Dictionary Software as Same want too Load there ...Please help

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I think you can use the normal Apps, which everyone has, but it is mor interested, when you use special Apps for special operations.

For example, here is a list of app-Projects from companies there are some good Ideas in german written. So so main point is, that you can use the apps, where People need help ore safe money instead of having good free time.

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[move]Please help keep the list up to date - reply to the thread with the title of the application and its status[/move]Working (Flawless)

  • Advanced Task Manager
  • AndFTP
  • AndSudoku
  • Android Comic Viewer (ACV)
  • Any Cut
  • Apollo Task Killer
  • ASTRO File Manager
  • App to SD
  • Balls
  • Bloo
  • Book
  • CalWidget
  • CadreBible (offline Bible reader)
  • Cleandroid
  • DoodleDroid [Upside down screen] [Fixed since update ]
  • Discover
  • Dogz 2
  • DroidLive
  • DroidReader
  • Ebuddy
  • eBuddy Travel Companion
  • Facebook
  • Gameboid
  • GDocs
  • Google Sky Map
  • Olivetree Bible offline Bible reader
  • Gmote
  • Hi Yahoo
  • Home++ (Hpp)
  • iReader
  • LastFM
  • Maps
  • Memento
  • Memory Booster Lite
  • Minesweeper
  • MMLinkFree
  • MsnDroid
  • NetMeter
  • Newspapers
  • Opera Mini
  • Photoshop Mobile
  • Pandora
  • RemoteVnc pro
  • Ricochet - VERY slow
  • Ringo Pro
  • SAM
  • Scramble
  • ScummVM
  • SipDroid
  • Skype
  • Smart Keyboard
  • Spore
  • Taskkiller
  • ThemeFrame
  • Twidroid Pro
  • World [Weather]
  • xScope browser
  • Youtube
  • YouVersion (online Bible reader)
Working (Some Issues)
  • aBTC
  • Alkido [Upside down screen] (can be fixed if you go into settings of the app and uncheck "Lock Screen Orientation")
  • Gensoid
  • JustPictures
  • Nesoid
  • RecoveryFlasher [App installs. but unable to backup/flash]
  • ReplicaIsland [Game installs but unable to play due to lack of dpad or trackball]
  • Skyfire [Flash video doesn't play]
  • XGalaga [Install but cant play due to lack of controls]
Looks like you don't have dictionary on your list. Or encyclopedia..
81 - 91 of 91 Posts
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