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compatible sd cards and max size

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cant seem to google this question. these questions are regarding the m001, and also using ecotox + using part of the sd card as swapQ1: has anyone tried a 16gb or 8 gb sd card? Q2: are there any brands that do not work?Q3: does class 6 cards provide better speed over class 4 on these devices?i am using an old 2gb unbranded (slower than class4) sd card and it does not make any apparent speed difference, using 1gb as swap (yes it is recognized). i have a class 6 on order for use in a separate mp3 player and i will try using it with a swap partition - so if interested will post user-experience using a class 6 as swap.
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I have one of these works fine no probs in my Rockchip aPad. Transcend Class 6 retail packed and genuine. Only one I have so can t tell you if the extra speed is worthwhile. It was nt much more expensive than a class 4 so I got it. 16gb is suppose to be ok but again not tried myself.
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