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I had the same issue on Hannspree SN1AT71. In addition, during the bootloop on CyanogenMod logo, the screen was weirdly stretched at the left side of the screen. (Oval logo getting out of the edge of the screen).

(on first boot after flashing, the screen and the CM logo were correct, it's only when the tablet rebooted itself, that the bootloop and streched screen occured.)

So I tried to install Christian Troy's ROM without "Boot2CT's Boot Converter".

And then the tablet booted, the display was correct, but with no g-sensor (no rotating screen) and the touchscreen in portrait mode, as the display is in landscape (so even when taking care where you put your fingers, to try to match with the real display, many areas are inaccessible).

Nevertheless, I read about someone who managed to install CM10.2 on this device using your tool, but he seems to have done that before the update of march 10th. (no wifi working, and no rotating screen, but touchscreen working fine as he said)

I'd like to try the previous version of your tool, so if you could put it somewhere for download, it would be very kind.

Or much better, if you could update your tool for have it work with this device, it would be... great ! :)

(I use the same firmware as haircut313)

Thanks a lot for your work...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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