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Hi all,
is there a comparison chart of the available vi40 firmwares?
I've been using the TNT firmware from a while back and am starting to have battery issues (possibly hardware?) and browsing using 'boat browser' can be slow/freezing at times.

With so many firmwares available, im confused as to which one provides the best performance from the onda vi40.

Thank you,

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Firmwares are official releases. I think what you're after is ROMs which are optimized/customized OS built around a firmware. To my knowlegde, there is not a spreadsheet listing this at the moment though I think this would be a great idea.

I'm up to helping create one, but don't have the time to test all the flavors out there. Also, I'm not sure what metrics to use for adequately comparing one ROM to another. Off the top of my head I would think the following:

1. Benchmark scores (not sure which ones are the best for testing our CPU hardware. I've used LinPack and Quadrant in the past)

2. Battery drain (on standby, with wifi, with movie, with wifi and movie; is there an app that can collect this info?)

3. Hardware compatibility (does everything work (HDMI out, Camera, Mic out, etc.)

4. Browser speed (using a test page to load would be beneficial, but this would be dependant on the user's IP provider and router/modem type)

I'm up for other considerations so chime in. I'm currently using CM9 with AOKP and loving it.

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