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Comment on the 8/6 firmware mods killing wireless

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This is very telling, as at least two members of this board had this issue. Going on my recent experience with trying to get wireless working on the hacked 2.1 alpha build, I found that some of the wireless settings reside in /data. That's the user data folder, which the modded firmware's are not touching.I'm betting that Pandigital changed something with the wireless configs that actually affects this folder, and may actually require a full wipe. This is just speculation at this point, given that others have not had issues.If you experience this issue with the mods, you don't have to re-flash with the PDN firmware. You could try this, assuming you have the SDK:./adb wipe shell dataThis just wipes the user data, and then reboot. This should effectively reset all the wireless settings / user apps / etc but will retain GE, the kb hack and the Google home menu (again, if you have GE installed). Not optimal, but might still be better than going to the PDN firmware.
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I did a full flash and still have WiFi troubles.
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