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This was just released yesterday, so it will be a day or two before I can fully test it, but I am always willing to give things a shot. My quest is to find a really good rom with the least amount of hiccups. This appears to be initially created for the U39GT-3g but from their own description, they state: "As the tablet difference between the phone and the resolution of 1280 * 1920 plus the virtual key, resulting in some UI somewhat misplaced, but does not affect the use, forgive me!"

ROM Information:
adaptation programs: Based on the latest official firmware 1.03 using patchrom method ColorOS open source stub adapter
fit models: CUBE Talk 9 (CUBE U39GT-3G)
Android Version: Based on by V9.0">Androidarrow-10x10.png 4.2.2
ColorOS version: ColorOS 2.0

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