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Collectors item?

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Spoke to store manager today at Kmart to find out status of Gentouch. They had gotten in 6 of them and had sold them out quickly. She said that they had issued a lot of rain checks on this item too.I asked when they would get more in and she stated that she didn't know if they were ever going to get any more in.She said that they recently had a low priced netbook/notebook that was a very hot item and sold a lot but then it turned out to be a POS and everybody returned them and was a big loser for them.She kinda implied that they only got a limited number of the Gentouch in each store to test the demand and also see how many of them get returned. She said that she would speak to the district manager for more info next week.She also said that having a rain check was only good if they got more of the item in. Having a rain check does not guarantee that you can get one.Interesting ramifications for support of this item. Perhaps we should check with Augen for more info.To be continued...
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Kmart Page for Augen not working right now. This link will show some info but try to put in the cart or get full page on it fails.
:-( so want one of these to play with
The Dawa7 is the same thing basically, only I think there is a capacitive version in the works as well, it's missing a few buttons, and it has the hdmi port. Get that. I have seen some not favorable comments about the quality on the D7 though. The more I see, the more I think the GT is junk, and now that I see it's not a production tablet, I'm pretty well past it. Janktastic.Collector's item? You do realize this tech is going to be obsolete by the time you answer this reply, right? If you want to collect this, I got some 5.25 floppies I'll sell you...
Lawman - Turn up your Humor Detection meter just a hair.... Thanks!
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I might be autistic. Humor is hard. Except my humor, which is hard for everyone else.
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