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Chuwi v88s Firmware Release (09/06/13)

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IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE THIS FIRMWARE TO FLASH V88S. FIRMWARE WILL BRICK TABLET! This firmware is for owners without the word "QUAD" in their S/N.(per Oma Rocks Instructions)

Thanks goes out to kolk11 for mirroring this firmware release. Please note, this is the latest v88s firmware but evidently it is only for certain v88s models (per Chuwi DL site: "This firmware is only for body serial number is V88S 16G1130800001 beginning and after the body serial number.")

Mirror DL link:!E9hgiQjD!IpYi81VLp2K9fJIWTTDsnzA1bVslAE9t1PWymzXS-rc&

I'm a little confused as to why Chuwi needed to release their newest firmware for certain v88s models. This would lead me to believe that Chuwi did component switch within the v88s line (which was similar to what occurred with the v88 line when it first was released causing users to soft brick their model when flashing firmware or ROMs). We definitely need to get some more information on this for our v88s users.

Please post all reviews, questions or concerns regarding this firmware release below.

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What a headach for users..
Topical chinese thinking. "O we can save some money if we swop out to this part"
But the damage it does to customer and the brand is unmeasurable if they continue to have existing customers bricking thier devides..

I shake my head...
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