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Chrome OS, an Adroid Competitor on PC/Mac/Linux

Don't know could tell that! There is a big difference between those 2 OS's, in real, there 3 big differences between those two OS'S

1. Android is for Phones and Tablets; Chrome OS is for Netbooks
  • Google said at the start that "Google Chrome OS is being created for people who spend most of their time on the Web, and is being designed to power computers ranging from small netbooks to full-size desktop systems." Google hasn't always been on message with this.
  • After Google unveiled the Chrome OS it was easy to see: Chrome OS will be Google's "Desktop" os while Android is fo9r Phones and Tablets.
  • Android is designed for touch screens while Chrome OS looks and act like the Chrome Web Browser.
2. Chrome OS won't run Linux desktops and Android APK's
  • As Chrome OS is used as Desktop Operating System, it's not a "fat" desktop-client as Windows or Linux, even OS-X. Instead, the application used in Chrome OS will be cloud based. To get an ideas, just look at at Chrome and Google Apps and you've a sketch of Chrome OS.
  • To have just placed enough Linux in Chrome OS to support the browser and web-based applications, it gives the ability for to even run some traditional desktop applications using a remote-client computing technology called "Chromoting."
  • ASll Android applications are Java-based and depend on Dalvik, there will be not any way that those applications will run on Chrome OS.
3. Chrome OS constantly updated
  • Unlike the Android versions, Chrome OS will be constantly updated like it's done with Chrome Browser.

Did you ever run or like to run Chrome OS on your laptop? There some very interesting website which is just about Chrome OS and that website is updated almost every few days. There two different versions of Chrome OS available: the Vanilla Version and the Lime Version.

Vanilla Version:

Lime Version:

I haven't get the Vanilla version to run yet, maybe because of the old USB Stick I use, a Kingston which brans makes me a lot problems with all their product's (!), I run the Lime Version on my 5 year old Acer 5590 Laptop with no problems.

The run Chrome OS you'll need to have a Google account like GMail etc. and if you didn't have one, you could sign up while starting Chrome OS for one. There also a lot Apps available for to freely download after the Chrome OS has started.

For me it's quite a good system which I use on the move for to connect with the Laptop directly to the Internet using a USB Stick. So the internal HDD isn't use in any means and that is also very secure.

The website and download links are here:

You'll need a 4 GB USB Stick or SD Card for to create a external media. The software for to create that bootable media from the .img files you could download from here: (win32diskimager 5.5MB)

OK, have fun with Chrome OS and it would be fine if you post your experiences (good and bad) at this topic.
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