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Browsing through the firmware for my G2x I found a file in system/etc named settings.xml. This is a 2.3 ROM. Is this a default android file that can be used on any system? In other words if we create one for the Rena, or change the one up I have, will the system automatically see it? I know we have some control through build.prop. Below are some of the strings found in the file. Anyone's assistance is much appreciated!

<parameter db="system" name="volume_music">11</parameter>
<parameter db="system" name="volume_ring">5</parameter>
<parameter db="system" name="volume_alarm">6</parameter>
<parameter db="system" name="volume_notification">5</parameter>
<parameter db="system" name="volume_system">7</parameter>
<parameter db="system" name="volume_voice">4</parameter>
<parameter db="system" name="volume_bluetooth_sco">7</parameter>
<parameter db="system" name="mode_ringer">2</parameter>
<parameter db="system" name="vibrate_on">6</parameter>
<parameter db="system" name="mode_ringer_streams_affected">166</parameter>
<parameter db="system" name="mute_streams_affected">46</parameter>
<parameter db="system" name="dim_screen">1</parameter>
<parameter db="system" name="stay_on_while_plugged_in">0</parameter>
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