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Hi All,Long time watcher, first time poster. I belive that I have found a decent car charger for our ZT-180 based tablets. Mine is a ePad branded, and it requires a 9 Volts and 2000ma (based off of the AC adapter).I was able to find the Powerline Universal Car Cord Adapter (model #90293) at Wal-Mart yesterday for $15. (sorry no link). This successfully charged my tablet.To use this charger select the bigger of the two yellow tips, set the voltage on the charger to 9v and the polarity to tip positive (the + sign in center of the "C").Looking at Powerline's website it looks like it was replaced with model 90082, which can be found at newegg: ORIGINAL POWER 0900-82 Universal Car Cord Adapter for Multiple Device - 2000mA I hope this helps someone out there.
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