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can't set up wifi

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how do you set up wifi i just got my zt180 today. but i can't get on the internet. i have verizon fiber high speed and sat next to the router, and i'm getting nothing. is there some special way to set up the wifi? i even went to a free wifi spot and got nothing. how do you get wifi to work? i've put in the ssid number and the wep numbers but still nothing
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when ur AP has wep ZT-180 saw the AP or not?
today in the evening I'll check this theory. but at first time zt-180 saw AP (with wep encryption)... so i think chance are not big ) like in match Ajaks Dynamo in Amsterdam )
2 just55 before u have turned off wep setting ZT-180 saw ur access point?
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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