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can't set up wifi

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how do you set up wifi i just got my zt180 today. but i can't get on the internet. i have verizon fiber high speed and sat next to the router, and i'm getting nothing. is there some special way to set up the wifi? i even went to a free wifi spot and got nothing. how do you get wifi to work? i've put in the ssid number and the wep numbers but still nothing
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thanks i finlly got it had to turn off wep in my router. now its working.
i found the problem it's not with the zt180 it was with verizion router settings you have to disable the wep setting. took awhile to find that setting it's in security settings you have to turn of
yes but got no single for wifi on zt180 it said strong single but no bars on the zt180. so the only way i got on was to turn of my wep on my routor but that leaves me open to eveybody else.
where is wpa2 tkip+aes i only see wpa2 tkip
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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