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Hello all!I bought a Zenithink ePAD 10"2..... I turned it on, everything works fine, after about 10 minutes, the screen turns black...I made a reset on the device... now it starts, I see the startscreen, after that, the TUX on the left upper side, and 2 seconds later the screen turns black again.Don't know why, so I want to flash the device again with the newest 0818 rom, but while flashing the system.img the screen gets black (background light turns off) and flashing gets stuck at about 71% :|So the PAD doesn't work again ;(I tried it about 15 times and the same s**t happend, stucked at 89% then at 20%, sometimes after the u-boot.img. It always lose the connection to my PC.May it's a hardware problem, that I cannot flash the PAD?best regardsFisH
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