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Can I run Kindle for Android?

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Although I would love to purchase one of the super dooper fast processor tablets, I am needing to start with a crawl. I understand that I can run Kindle for Android on Android 1.6. Will it work on a M001? Can I download it from google aps, or is there another location for it? Will the M001 work ok as an ebook reader?Thanks in advanceJohn is the link to download various apps, from bipolar bear, including Kindle reader. Thanks The rest I am still wondering about.
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I have found that if i put my "converted" files into the Kindle directory they appear in Kindle, but Kindle will shortly crash, unless i disconnect WIfi, then it works flawlessly .. Seems the sync crashes it unless those books were purchased from kindle in the first place.. anyone else notice this? I have tested this on most firmwares and have the same results.
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