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hi, ive been holding out on buying one of these tablets. however, after finding this forum, i think i may get one. just wondering though- is the apad worth the extra money over the eken? also, is there any actual reason why some models [of the apad] have a built-in camera,while others dont?looking forward to using this forum.
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I have been wondering the same thing....I look through ebay and some APAD described items have cameras, some don't. Some have 2700 mAH batteries, some have 3000 mAH, some have silver backs, some have white and some have black. Has anyone devised a guide, categorizing these variations so people don't get ripped off?
As I just posted in another thread The cameras on these are nothing to get excited about. They are very low res, and do not work with Google shopper (take a picture of a bar code and get online prices), even though shopper was preinstalled on my device. But it's nice that it's there, and I would have been bummed if mine had shown up without the camera.
From what i can tell, the only a-pads with a camera doesnt say anything about having the rockchip processor, and visa-vrea. I have also read that the a-pads without the rockchip suck [simply put].thoughts?
Mine has the camera and according to my system settings I have the rockchip. ("Version : 2.6.25 rockchip version 1.2.7 (ruiguan)")
hmm, just wondering, what good is the camera anyway?
Camera version has better external speaker and a slightly larger battery from what I read, and who knows what else.
[quote author=hendersonn link=topic=419.msg3809#msg3809 date=1275381601]hmm, just wondering, what good is the camera anyway?[/quote]horrible UI, and don't expect a good quality photo...
I expect the UI to be upgraded over time and possibly the firmware updated to compensate for poor camera quality (to a point). I just want to make sure that the camera exists in any unit I buy. (
No amount of software upgrades will conjure a camera out of thin air! )
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