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One good thing about the Eken m001 compared to several other similar devices, is it actually has a circular/5 button control. This allows more control than relying on software/desktop controls which sometimes don't respond the way they're supposed to.It's a good thing having buttons for: home, back/return, and menu. These are needed at times.Now, the bad part...Two of the buttons are nothing more than controls for volume up and down. Stinkin' volume controls!!! That's it.These two controls would be much more practical as up and down 'scroll' controls. You wouldn't have to touch the screen to make a page move up or down. My fingers naturally go to those keys for that purpose and I'm surprised every time to be controlling the volume instead.And unless I'm missing a setting somewhere, there's no way of changing the hardware buttons.All of my little PDA pocket computers have had a means of switching what functions the physical buttons might control.Does the Eken have a setting somewhere to do the same?Is there an app which would allow this to happen?Is this an item to be included in a ROM update?Is there anyone else who sees my logic here?Should I simply read the manual a little more thoroughly?
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