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So sniffing around for conclusive info on what the mysterious internal motherboard switch does, I came across this post on a Chinese support forum:

(bear in mind the translation is a bit iffy; n-pair = Ployer, brush = flash)

So it appears that if you cannot get your Momo 8 IPS into bootloader mode(necessary for windows to be able to install the Rockchip drivers so you can then use RKBatchTool to re-flash the firmware), if I understand this correctly, you can open up your Momo then connect the USB cable to your PC, hit the reset button on the motherboard (see attached image), then press the reset button on the side of the Momo (the button on the inside normally accessed via tiny hole labelled on aluminium case) and you should be good to go! Note, in the forum posting linked above, the instructions show a Momo *without* on-board reset button, presumably this was added since that version of Momo was released, it is in the exact same location on the motherboard, so simply makes it easier and safer to do.

Hope this helps!

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts