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Bounty for Working Debian with Touchscreen Driver for the Eken m001

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Following the fantastically successful software bounty started by xdpirate (for Win CE with touchscreen support), I'd like to start a bounty for Debian with touchscreen support.Thousands of sophisticated applications await an onscreen keyboard and finger stroke. And this time no fear of secret agents from Redmond saying nix. Just the satisfaction of knowing the world is ten digits more accessible. What could be better? Amaze your friends!I'll throw in $25 to start it off(As xdpirate created the last bounty, I'll quote his words here -- with OS name changed to protect the innocent...): This is a donation thread. Offer up any amount you'd be willing to pay to the person(s) who gets Debian fully working, with touchscreen drivers, and I'll list you here, with username and amount.Donor list:vtpad - 25 USDSlateDroid - 50 USDbobobobo1618 -10 USDTotal prize pool: =85 USDPM me (vtpad) or post in this thread with the amount you'd be willing to donate for a working Debian touchscreen build. If a team releases it, it will be donated to the leader of that team. If several people get it working at the same time, it will be split. If a single person performs this feat, they will collect all the donations. There is no minimum donation amount. You can donate everything from $1, so feel free to chip in with any amount!BREAKING NEWS!!!! Debian with touchscreen a reality on the Eken M001! Won by by jacob019. See Post #33
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Didn't work when I tried it, a bit of browsing suggests that the SD card is mounted as read only, so Debian wouldn't boot.
With the source we have, is it possible to tweak the kernel to allow overclocking
Kernel source has been released, hasn't it? I'm pretty sure that's what I downloaded to my laptop 2 nights ago, anyway
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Mike you are a joker! How's the Eken taking the server load?
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My attempt at using DropBox as a mirror, let me know how you get on. work here guys, I love playing around with this.
I'm seeding the torrent too, and I NEVER seed
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Yeah, I can't get WiFi to work either. Bad password error, even though it's correct.
I forgot to ask, why is the image 1GB? My SD card is only 512MB, and surely the debian image can be made less than 512MB?
[quote name='jacob019;34802]Actually it takes up a little over 700m with Midori and the swap partition. It does seem like a lot' date=' but Debian is liberal with dependencies. I've tried my best to keep it small.[/QUOTE']Not a problem, I'll stop being cheap and go get a bigger SD card.
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