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Bounty for Working Debian with Touchscreen Driver for the Eken m001

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Following the fantastically successful software bounty started by xdpirate (for Win CE with touchscreen support), I'd like to start a bounty for Debian with touchscreen support.Thousands of sophisticated applications await an onscreen keyboard and finger stroke. And this time no fear of secret agents from Redmond saying nix. Just the satisfaction of knowing the world is ten digits more accessible. What could be better? Amaze your friends!I'll throw in $25 to start it off(As xdpirate created the last bounty, I'll quote his words here -- with OS name changed to protect the innocent...): This is a donation thread. Offer up any amount you'd be willing to pay to the person(s) who gets Debian fully working, with touchscreen drivers, and I'll list you here, with username and amount.Donor list:vtpad - 25 USDSlateDroid - 50 USDbobobobo1618 -10 USDTotal prize pool: =85 USDPM me (vtpad) or post in this thread with the amount you'd be willing to donate for a working Debian touchscreen build. If a team releases it, it will be donated to the leader of that team. If several people get it working at the same time, it will be split. If a single person performs this feat, they will collect all the donations. There is no minimum donation amount. You can donate everything from $1, so feel free to chip in with any amount!BREAKING NEWS!!!! Debian with touchscreen a reality on the Eken M001! Won by by jacob019. See Post #33
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hello allOnce again Team SlateDroid would like to offer fifty dollars for a working touchscreen version of debian linux I personally think Projectgus will be the one to pull it off as I have read his blog. But if not good luck to all ThanksThe SlateDroid Team
I agree with vtpad I am impressed everyday I am on this site. I wish i had 1/10 the skills of most of you.
it will be up on our server in about 30 minutes to and houron a second note is anyone else having a issue with the windows dd program to install the file to the sdcard
yeah I have linux on my second drive just wanted to try to do a tute for the window users and make a video of it
I m guessing we will have to extract from within a linux enviroment.
File added to the download section
getting a permission denied when running this commandbzcat debian-m001.bz2 | dd of=/dev/sdX
can u upload your windows image, I will send you a ftp address if needed
Ok so Im trying to setup my sdcard in linux but when in uncompressed it says it 61.5 gb on a 4 gb sd card but I will persist and get this linux version loaded on the eken
hey Joh sorry , yeah thanks for the help pulling out my hair trying to set this up
thanks hp I wish someone would tell me so i can add this to the dl section will be up within the hour
Now in the download section
my wifi says connected , i use wep because I have a xbox mod that uses a old wifi setup. anyway my eken says connected but nothing will connect no inet, no apt-get commands any ideas ?
mike I had the same issue it said my 2gb sdcard was 34gb when it was done. I wish it could be that huge but the windows one works like a champeven made a how to for windows usersYouTube - ‪Slatedroid Linux install‬‎
yeah i felt the same but I did not want to risk another HD wipeon that note Gnite
actually working on it now ps: willo sent the money today please let me know when you get it cause you earned it and thanks for all the work
1 - 16 of 252 Posts
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