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Hii like to tell you my problemI order m001 , I play with it for one day only .then I go for ays factory restore . just that .after its restart cant do any thing with the toutch screen , If I press any where its just click on the home icon in the left upper corner .I search and I found some guys saying the same problem , so I take there advice and make update , I use 256 micro SD card with adapter .I do as they says and the flashing work fine and all setup go thru till the end . BUT its just stick on the bootscreen for loooooooooong time !!!!! I try all update avalible but still the same .I try with another 512 and 4gb micro SD card with adapter but the setup dont complete its says , No upgrade package,exit .so what i should do ??? I need help and assistance . thank you all
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