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Boot process

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I would like to know what the boot process for the PDN is. I am not a Linux guy, I'm a windows tech and work all day with windows desktop. I would really like to help on whatever possible to able to fully customize the GUI or home screen. I may not be wording it correctly but I think you should get my drift. I have already installed PandaHome, Google Pak, Kiko, aldiko, kindle and others but want to customize more? It?s only been 3 days since I got the PDN and first time using android and I?m hooked.What I find in this forum as in most is that the important information is scattered all over the place and not properly organized. It waste what little time we all have searching for info instead of being able to look in one central location. I would like to suggest ?maybe? even volunteer to do the technical writing for some of the documentation of certain process and tutorials and place them in an organized folder or location.
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