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Boost your wireless signal

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Not sure how many of you have the problem of getting a poor reception on your device? But in my setup I cannot use my ago apad unless I am right next to the router. Not really the best for a mobile internet device. So I set about trying to find a solution that would a) not cost me and
would be simple enough for anyone to achieve.So I took to the internet and after countless hours looking through site after site that all offered little hope of finding a cheap/ free solution I happened across a method of extending the signal from your router by adding what is technically known as a parabolic antenna ( although technically speaking they are not but lets not split hairs!). You can buy these antenna boosters but these are usually expensive, however you can make your own for next to nothing. Here's what you'll need: A printer, some A4 card you can print onto, some tinfoil, a glue stick and some scissors or a craft knife for cutting out the template. Oh and a PC ;)I'll put up the template when I can get to my PC, ( otherwise you can google windsurfer antenna).Just print out the instructions and piece it together. I made some earlier today and I've increased my wireless signal to such an extent I can now use my apad anywhere in my house and even can connect out the back of my house which is a dead spot area!I am currently surfing on my apad from the comfort of my bed which was not possible before. What's even more impressive is that there is currently three bars on the signal indicator when before even next to the router I was only getting one!Unbelievable that some kitchen foil and card can do so much but if you are struggling to get a signal give it a go.Riki
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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