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I have been having fun getting my mini bluetooth keyboard BN1000 working with HannsTitian 4. It took a bit of trial and error to get it working.

If you want to have the same BT Keyboard working then you must jump over a few confusing hurdles.

First you have to get BlueKeyboard JP Pro from the marketplace. You have to buy it to make sure it works. I tried BlueInput too, but they want 15 euros and BK costs £1.50.

Charge your BT keyboard up for at least 3 hours if you just bought it. Press the small thin button on the keyboard (top right ) after turning on the unit.

Let the tablet find the BT Keyboard and type in four zeroes/naughts on the tablet and do the same on the BT keyboard (type 0000 and press return).

The device will say paired not connected. Make sure that BlueKeyboard is activated in the Language & Keyboard settings, and un-check Japanese in the language section.

Making sure you have done all the above, open up your browser of choice and press search.

This is where it becomes confusing. After you have checked the above settings are correct you will see the status of the BT device still saying paired not connected. Ignore this.

Press and hold down on the search window of your browser and select BlueKeybaord JP Pro. Then press the little button on the keyboard again so it blinks blue.

You will see a blue icon on the top of the tablet screen saying connecting. Eventually it will connect and you will have the BT keyboard working.

I have the Zeemote BT joystick and I will try this out using the same procedure, so hopefully we can play emulators and arcade games on the Hannspad.

You can play games on the keyboard, but you will have to map them first.

Hope this guide helps those, who struggled to get this working with that dumb paired not connected message.
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