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Had some real fun today. I had been thinking about my early days with the G-Tablet when we
couldn't really get what we wanted out of the USB/SDcard/Internal memory setup. Had to do
all kinds of stuff to get everything to work even minimally.

Today I was messing around with my new Thrive and got to thinking...... So I took an old
(relatively speaking) 64 GB G.Skill SSD I had laying around. I put it into a USB case I
also had available (no power -- everything via USB to drive).

Then I booted up the Thrive and plugged the USB-SSD into the big USB port. Immediately the
lights began flashing it the Thrive told me the drive was attached.

I quickly went to the File Manager and sure enough it was through. All the files were
accessible and the system even recognized pictures and brought them up to look at properly.

I don't know what kind of hit the usage will be on the battery. If I get time I will try
to test that and if I can get something meaningful I'll report it.

But all in all the Thrive seems to be a lot more operational and sophisticated than some of
the other tablets I have seen. IMO!

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