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(This is not really a ROM or kernel, but can't think of a better place to put it - maybe ROM devs want to start putting this in their ROMs?)Those of you who have found your way here via Android phones, particularly if you came by way of the G1 and the XDA Developers community will almost certainly have run a ROM that contains my BetterBrowser. When Android went into 2.x it coincided with a busy time for me, so I never got into working on the 2.x browser. Given that we're rocking Donut on our slates though, a quick hack to take into account the different screen size and away we go. below is a copy and paste from the original XDA thread that explains all, for the uninitiated:So what actually is this?This is a new build of the stock browser, that incorporates the multitouch code from Cyan's build, along with some additional code of my own, primarily intended to make zooming less painful, and looking to gradually move towards an experience as rich as the Hero browser.What does it do that's new, then?* option in settings to disable the obnoxious on-screen zoom buttons that usually appear whenever you so much as breathe on the screen (turn off "Visual Zoom Controls" in the menu to get rid of them - off by default).* when Visual Zoom Controls is disabled, option in settings to add zoom in and zoom out to the menu (although this will bump over options that are normally on the main menu to the "More..." list)* Double-tap the screen to zoom in. When it gets too ginormous (about four zooms) a subsequent double-tap will zoom all the way out. Or you can just change this in the settings so double-tap always zooms in. Obviously it still has the multitouch option too from Cyan's code.* Triple-tap to zoom out! (which I am particularly pleased about given that such an event doesn't actually exist in Android
) To enable this, you need to change the setting for "Double Tap Action" to "Zoom In" first.* Click top-right corner to pull down address bar. Click top-left corner to go back to homepage. Click top-left when on homepage to exit browser (i.e. "clear" it from memory insofar as Android apps ever get cleared from memory).* Click bottom left to go to previous tab, bottom right to go to next tab.* Maintain zoom level across a domain, so that when you get a comfortable viewing size, you don't lose it the second you move to the next page on a site.* Maximum number of tabs increased from 8 to 32.* As requested by fastludeh22, an option for "Mobile Web Settings". Select from Android, iPhone or Desktop browsing.* As requested by fit333 (and who was as good as his word, and donated
), an option to lock in landscape mode.* setting to enable hiding/showing of notification bar. Note that this needs the entire Browser process to be restarted to take effect (so use the top-left click to go home, click again to quit the browser, and then reload to see the effect).What do I need to run it?Well I'm running it happily on Ecotex's latest. I suspect you'll need root though because it replaces the existing browser.How do I install it?I installed just by shoving it on an SD card and clicking on it in the file manager - but again, this was on Ecotex's latest. Assuming you've got root you should be able to install with any means of installing an APK.I installed your browser and now I can't browse the interweb, my phone exploded, I lost my job and suffered an embarrassing rectal prolapse in a public place. I blame you!Thank you, please call again. All purchases are final. I would suggest that one uses a program to back up your bookmarks at the very least before installing this.This is the best thing since self removing trousers! How can I show my appreciation?Sexual favours are always welcome. A simple thanks is all I need. If you're one of these guys (or girls) who like to donate to devs with PayPal, send me money by clicking here.
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