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Best VideoPlayer for M001?

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Hello,i figured and testet alot for myself, but can anyone recommend a decent video player?I know the eken m001 is not the best device for watching videos, but which player would you recommend and why? ^^
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The Best video player I have found to date is still in Beta But 'RockPlayer' works Great! Can download the apk from their site as noted in their forum reference;
Have you read:
And this public beta will expire at July-15-2010.
Yes, this Beta will expire but the point is that a new one with enhancements will be out to upgrade to... Seems to make perfect sense as the initial Beta is Rock solid in basic features and by far the best player I have found. Granted it's pretty slim pickings for players that will play unconverted avi/divx movie downloads but this one seems well above the limited competition in functionality and performance.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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