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Please also add in scores for:
Neocore - 3D bench
Vellamo (the final test score) - a comprehensive web browser bench

Some comments on the benchmarks:
1] Linpack. Score is great for Cortex A8. The highest I have ever seen with A8 is around 16.4 MFLOPS.

2] Your Quadrant score is on the low side. Hard to say where Aurora is being dragged down in score without Advanced breakdown.

3] Your Antutu Bench gets great score. I can tell you use class 10 but your read score is super high and only possible if using buffer and not the card. I have 1 class 10 SD card and in Windows 7 reads 15MB/s & writes 11.5MB/s when copying 4 AVIs over. I have never seen any class 10 get higher than 25MB/s.

4] Battery test is great on that tablet. Everyone should note that the 3h & 21m Aurora ran for was @ 100% CPU. ie, this only happens when playing higher end (3D) games. In real use, CPU will average 25-50% and battery last much longer (6+ hours). If someone mostly 3D games, battery will last for about 4 hours only.

5] Nenamark1. Your score is kinda low but probably from ICS and/or higher resolution on Aurora.

Nenamark1 & Neocore are mid level 3D benches. Nenamark2 is very intense 3D bench. Quadrant & Antutu are synthetic benches and can be manipulated to achieve higher scores. That is why looking at many benches is better than just 1 or 2.

For compare to i7 benchmarks; see here:
Going to update those results in 1 or 2 days to the latest.

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Thanks for adding to the benches.

I believe the A10 & maybe AML8726-M chips have dual core Mali-400 GPUs.

I say this because:
#1. Mali-400 runs @ 250-300MHz
#2. Vivante GC800 runs @ 575MHz
#3. GC800 in rk2918 shows 4 texture units and is single core
#4. A10 & AML8726 tablets show 8 texture units ( I assume 4 texture units per GPU? ).
#5. Pretty sure SGS2 also shows 8 texture units and has dual core Mali-400 GPU.
#6. A10 scores about 0-15% higher in regular 3D benches over rk2918 chips and much higher in synthetic benches like Antutu and Quadrant.

This link says the Mali-400 are clocked 50MHz slower in AML8726 compared to A10s. Could explain why there is a performance difference between them. If you consider dual core & both GPU cores clocked 50MHz less, then 8726 GPUs lose 100MHz total. Or about 20% per core in speed which could bring benches down by 20% or so for 8726 chips.
Not sure if he used some app to find out the clock speeds for these chips or somewhere from specs.
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