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PLEASE READ EDIT*Hey slaters!!my A81e has developed a snag!! my battery doesnt charge for more than half an hour!!I'm using a wall charger, the LED indicator lights up red and green for about half an hour, then turns green. when i reinsert the charger immedietly led indicator turns red green for a minute and then back to green.It used to charge just fine earlier (used to charge for about 6-8 hours), till i hooked up the car charger once, the device powered off about 1015 mins into charging...and now my device refuses to charge..My guess is the Li-ion battery charger limiter inside the unit is busted!!being a Li-ion battery its too dangerous to try and charge it using any other charger device including other li-ion chargers (think camera battery chargers)...AAARRGGHHHHH!!! shit!!!will try reflashing the firmware, although i heavily doubt if that'll help...looks like the troubles with my first android slate are never ending...if this a81e doesnt shape up, I guess I will wait and buy the Notion Ink when its released..No more chinese no brands heh he..cheers!!*EDIT: just reflashed the firmware, looks like the battery charging is fine, will use the device thoroughly (about 4-6 hours) and report back.I think one of the apps was crashing the device, so i thought the battery was the problem. cant explain the situation exactly..but i'll try:i guess my battery was fully charged when it powered off suddenly the first time. then when i tried powering it back on it wouldnt power up. Then i pulled the battery out, put it back in, it booted up instantly, without me hitting the power button. after a few minutes of use it suddenly powered off again. so i thought the battery has run outta juice... when i tried charging it, it charged for about half an hour and stopped charging. but the device kept powering off suddenly. i kept trying to charge it and use it..the device would power off randomly every 15-20 mins..and i would plug the charger back would charge for about half an hour..the story goes on in circles..Now i have reflashed the firmware, and keeeping my fingers crossed... will use the device for a few hours and report back..EDIT2: Its working just fine!!! my guess is some battery app was causing the problem.. Its all good now!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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