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Battery Life

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Can someone explain why the battery life is so much better on the Ipad than on any of the android tablets so far? It seems that the biggest power draw is the screen - is the ipad's screen so much more efficient? Or the processor? Or is this a matter of the OS optimization? Just curious.
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I think it's because there's just a much bigger battery in there. I can't find exact specs, but speculation puts it at 6-7 Ah, compared to the 1.5-3 Ah most Android tablets have.
What matters is watts. 7 AH at 5 v = 3.9 ah at 9 v. It may be a much bigger battery, but wouldn't that be much heavier? There are lots of phones with small batteries that run a long time. I wonder if android might be very inefficient at this point?
Careful comparing amperage at different voltages.According to this: iPad Wi-Fi Teardown - Page 3 - iFixitThe ipad is 3.7v x 6.7 amps = 24.8 wattsThe Eken M001 is 7.4 v. x 1600 amps = 11.84 wattsSo Ipad's battery is a little more than twice the power of the Eken (by my rough calculations). Yet it is getting much more than twice the performance life (maybe 5x)?
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