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Usage Types1=standby only, no use, no wifi, screen off5=Wifi on when needed10 = Full Brightness, Play video, WiFi on
Case Description1 - First full charge last night, took it off the charger, turned wifi on and went to work. I didn't use the device that much but the wifi stayed on. I suspect while I was driving I was going in and out of hotspots. I wonder if this caused the power to spike. I am using "Battery Left" widget...It seems to be getting a handle on the device, at first is said it's estimate was "inacurrate" with 0:50 left, but then the time went up and the estimate as "rough".Charging now (50%) showing of course. I will charge it for 3 hours and see what happens.After 4 hours I glanced at my fPad and it said battery 100%12:20 pm: unplugged Charger2 - 2:55 pm the device quit.....I didn't really tax it this time at all....though I kept WiFi on the whole time, the device never left my desk, so there was a good WiFi signal the whole time. That's why I gave it a
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