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Battery Charger

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So I just recieved my apad. It's legit and everything, I go to plug it in and nothing. No charge.I hopped online and spoke with the people I purchased it from and they want me to buy a new one at a local shop and they will send me the money for it whatever it comes out to. I'm willing to give this a try as it will be faster to using my device than waiting for a new one from themAnyone know a good place close by that would sell this? or an online seller that could get it to me quickly?
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[quote name='Steep;19365]bigness if you get a chance' date=' can you work out how long it takes to charge the unit from a low state? just for reference.[/QUOTE'] Tested the charger this morning. Plugged it in at 7:30 @ 8% battery level. 10:30 at 75%. Seems to work great! I charged it with the unit off.
That's not too shabby, better than I thought it would do!
Yeah, Im pretty happy - I figure this would only be a travel/emergency situation, not daily use. I had one of the AA battery chargers similar to below that also worked (I didn't do a test, but the charge light came on). I dont know how much use you would get out of an AA battery, but it might make it last for the rest of a plane ride. Link:
where do i get a normal wall charger for my 7 " apad?
41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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