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Batch 01 (Without Camera ) iRobot Back From Dead

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Hi Friends After a long time, i could bring my Apad from darkness. All you need to do is replace the Hynix Memory chip for a Samsung K9GAG08U0M-PCB0. After that you are able to flash any rom. You can use the post with the apad opened to see how to open it, and to replace the chip i suggest you to have some electonic skill.Thank you!!
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'some electronic skill'? o_Ocan you post some pictures?arnt these memory modules quite heat sensitive and can you even reach the solderbridges with a normal soldering iron?
i've used a heat blower to release it from the PCB and than used a iron to weld the new one. I have no pictures, sorry
Cool, more details will help others. How can you tell what memory chips you have without opening the device?
If your device flashes with batch 2 firmware, you are guaranteed to have batch 2.
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