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Hello ,

I'd like to share my experience in buying from DHGate. A year ago I bought a 9,7" JXD S9000 from seller : scofield8800

The tablet came after 2 months ( not 1 month as advertised). The tablet failed on first run and I had to recover it. The seller refused to provide firmware or link to manufacturer site. At last it appeared that the tablet is cheap clone (fake) , not the original JXD S9000.

After many tries I put a negative feedback that made seller contact me and offer refund if I send tablet back. So I did, but after the seller refused to refund, saying my feedback cost him money and bribing me to pay him more.

So my advice is never buy from Scofield8800 , a waste of money . DHgate - very poor customer service. It seems once you pay, they don't care anymore.
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