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First of all, I would like to say a massive thanks to anyone who was involved in the firmware update, what a different machine! I bought my epad purely to replace the head unit in my car which has bit the dust. For ?63 from eBay I thought it was worth the risk over an in car computer.The main issue was that the original firmware would randomly skip tracks, but now! Oooo its amazing! Saved the day :DIs there any way you can change the settings for the backlight though? Anything below 50% is a blank screen for me. Which means that very handy 'power control' widget which has 3 backlight levels basically has Off, Off or Maximum, whereas before the update it was Dim, Mid and Max. If there is a way around this or a file I can modify, as the dim screen setting was ideal for night time driving!Many thanks againSherm
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