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Hi, I'm new to the tablet platform, I've had the superpad7 flytouch7 table for some time now, I've come to like the Video player on it that come preinstalled, my question is, is it possible to back up this video player app (Super-HD-Player) so that I can install it on my new tablet?

Both the superpad7 and my new tablet Toshiba Excite Pro are not rooted (read that it's impossible to root a Toshiba Excite Pro) can I use the google app back up method? Does this support backing up of preinstalled apps?

I believe that it was discussed on the following links

how would I go about installing this on my Toshiba Excite Pro?

Hope you guys can help

Thank you

If this is the wrong place to post please move it to the right place, I couldn't find a place more suitable.
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