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Hey guys,

I finally manage to fetch Mercury Firmware for 0003 from HERE: since downloads are down (duno if it's the most recent version).

Info on the change log.txt:

Slatedroid Mercury Release Candidate.

Firmware by lefeudedieu & Roger Calver,
Overclocking Kernel provided by Projectgus,
Slatedroid wallpaper provided by Mike,

Firmware built on offical Eken SDK 1.9.1
Swap enabled,
Google apps working etc Gmail, Gtalk, Market,
Wifi TXpower now set at 25 instead of 100 - lower power drain,
Slatedroid colours - blur etc removed,
Slatedroid Wallpaper,
New bootloader screen - Slatedroid logo,
Overclocked to 533Mhz at first boot (you can underclcock with Setcpu),
Gravity Sensor and Navigation now fixed,
About device now workin,
Rotation Icon in notification bar,
Helix & ADW Launchers added,
Fonts Changed to Cyrillic,


Peacock media apps,


Lapuka 3.0.3
Better Terminal,
Slatedroid Market,
+ other tweaks

Everything seems to work fine but, regular *avi(xvid/divx) movies are not playing, and normal photos are not resizing when i select from the gallery.
I think i remember reading somewhere that the *avi files should be re-encoded to(320*240) but can't find nothing about resizing the photos.
*mp3's playing fine though

I'm setting this up for my younger daughter, so i have to put her cartoons, photos and songs before she makes me crazy.

Would very much appreciate any tip


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After trying like 8 different roms, (1,6 to 2,1 including the Slatedroid Mercury one), my conclusion is: This must me the worst tab in the world!
Processor speed sux, games do not work, apps are buggy, touch pad thing is, even my ZX Spectrum 64, was better when i had like 14 years old.
Giving this crappy thing to my wife so she can read in bed (even e-book app is slow passing pages lol).

My 15 years old son insulted me (he owns a core i7 desktop + Xbox360 + PS3)
My 6 years old daughter, started to cry when i showed her buggy angry birds (she owns a wii + PSP + C2duo laptop 12" just for cartoons)
My 20 years old daughter, laugh at me like a crazy teen, when i was rage mad at this. (Don't even know what she owns)
My wife, kindly asked me why was i spending 2 or 3 days with this, when we have like 3 laptops and 5 desktops in the house
... and she uses a iPhone3...just to make calls

I'm really out of my mind

Thanks all a c u around.

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