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Average Delivery Times From China to US/UK

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Yeh, So whats your delivery time from China
S: 0-3Days...lol11.28%
S: 4-7Days1012.82%
S: 7-12Days1721.79%
S: 12+ Days2329.49%
K: 0-3Days...lol11.28%
K: 4-7Days45.13%
K: 7-12Days1114.10%
K: 12+ Days1114.10%
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I am in eastern Canada and everything I ordered from DealExtreme in HK ALWAYS took 14 days to land in my mailbox
Well, I have a reliable supplier from mainland China. Ususally they supply the m01's in three working days. If you need my help, just send me a msg
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Dealextreme via EMS to USA (Florida)Ordered on 5/26 and arrived at my home on 6/8/2010 Just two days less than 2 weeks
21 June 2010Delay in Outbound Air Mail ServiceDue to insufficient supply of air cargo space, outbound air mail items destined for the US and Brazil may be subject to delay until further notice.
AlexRock;9619]21 June 2010Delay in Outbound Air Mail ServiceDue to insufficient supply of air cargo space said:[/url]
"May be" seems to be the operative words. Mine was there on the 21st, and left HK for destination (US) today), according to HKPost. "Until further notice" maybe means that this notice will stay up until changed, rather than there's a hold lasting until further notice.I think the situation may be better than it looks on first reading. Or I hope so for others' sakes.
This is not USA but for Mexico I got 10 days with the buyer I bought from 3X M001 for Mexico.Perfect packaging and very good comunication Price was split in 2 with shipping like that I didnt pay any taxes.
Dealextreme and HKPost registered air: $99 and delivered in 12 days flat, including placing the order on Chinese national holiday (June 16) and two weekends. DX had a tracking number for me by the end of day 2. Very happy with DX and HKPost. Much faster than Aliexpress and Merimobiles (both DHL and extra s&h charges, and both canceled after delays).
i usually get stuff by EMS or regular air mail takes 8 days with EMS and 10 days by Air mail got one coming this time from Sing post 8 days right now its still in customs but it got from Hong kong to US in just one day so rest of the time it was just given from one company to the other to get it to airport
Hey all! New to the apad community. Just got my rockchip apad. Ordered from China web retailer on 7/3/10, arrived at my house (east coast USA) today 7/29/10. It was a long 4 weeks, I checked Hong Kong Post and USPS websites everyday for updates.It takes too long from China. I'm gonna grab a good ole U.S K-Mart Brand Android tablet soon. Can't beat $150 bucks stocked on the shelves, no waiting.See ya!
Hi,i buy in bulk so usually around 4 days DHL(costs extra),supplier still tries it on though and uses EMS now and again which usually takes around 10 days,i wouldn`t recommend them though i have over $1000 worth of stock stuck in US and Turkey because EMS have got it wrong.Fair play to supplier though they are sending out replacements as we they say,lol.
I ordered my m001 from dhkelectronics and its took ...24 hours lol yes next day delivery if ordered before 2pm
My Eken M002 was shipped to Canada in 13 business days by ''. There was a slight problem with credit card, which required confirmation of my phone number in order to complete the transaction which likely delayed shipping by 3 days.; Fedex International Priority; shipped to door step in four days. Cost for shipping was $28.
Ordered from Jim at buyadroid he is a seller on here. Ordered moon eve got it in St louis mo the following monday. Great seller and tracking number right away. Just ordered second one from him. My first eken 001 took 15 days fro, some joker on eBay who disappeared soon after. Buy from a good source.
I paid the $40 "expedited delivery" charge for a 7" pad from Davis Micro. It took 12 days to Connecticut. Granted there were 2 weekends in there, but it did sit for a couple of days at some locations.
I got an zt-180 epad from 8havelock on ebay for 124.99 with free shipping to the UK 3 weeks ago and it arrived either 5 or 6 days later, I checked the tracking number i was emailed by the sender the day i got the email and the package had already arrived at heathrow and i think that was day 3. tablet works a treat i'd definitely recommend that seller based on my experience with them. good luck to you all

Greg S.
Bought mine from Focalprice/China electronics.  Just got it 5 weeks later.
[quote author=DaniDiva link=topic=283.msg2496#msg2496 date=1274965117]
I ordered mine from ego-2010 on ebay, and she shipped it the same day. That was last Wednesday, so I'm on day 8. Fingers are crossed! (hopes are ready to be dashed!)
Never buy electronic stuff on ebay it's way too expensive!!!!!!!
China to Norway took 15 days.
I guess the last part was all done by reindeer
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Ordered from Now!Supplier on Dec 6th and opted for Hong Kong Post Airmail at extra cost, which they advised was faster than China Post Airmail. They used China Post anyway and the package has been at the 'Transit Office' in Shenzhen since Dec 17th according to my tracking number. >

Now!Supploier have told me that there are delays on both China Post and Hong Kong Post shipments due to 'seasonal loads' and the bad weather. It would seem that the delivery times quoted at present are pretty optimistic if my experience is anything to go by. They have agreed to refund the amount I paid for Hong Kong Post, which is some small consolation I suppose. But it doesn't look like I'll be getting my tablet anytime soon.
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