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Augen GenTouch78 - Issues that I cant fix (WI-FI)

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Hello: I have been lurking here and after weeks of looking for the Gentouch, I finally located some at Kmart. Here is the issue that I have that I cant fix:1) The first one locked up when it did a Wi-Fi search and I had to reset it. 2) It could not locate my Wi-Fi network. I have a D-Link N router and made sure that it was accepting b/g. I even called D-Link to make sure. No matter how much I tried it did not link. I read on here another person with a similar problem in regards to Wi-Fi so I returned it to Kmart and got another new one.3) This new one is doing the same thing. I cannot get the Wi-Fi to link up. Here is what is occurring:Wi-Fi: "Opening IP address from Network." Then it says after trying: "Unsuccessful"My Network: "Remembered, secured with WEP."If anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong or what I need to do, please advise. Newbie here! If I cant get this to work, I will have to sadly return this for a refund and wait for antoher type of unit.Comments on the unit: It is slick and an awesome little tablet that is GREAT for the price.
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Get MySettings app, WiFi Buddy app change some settings in the time outs there are two of them. I use to use that DIR-615 A1 which was the best for wireless but DLINK doesn't support A1 hardware anymore. C1 is the same as Trendnet TEW-652BRP which now both can do DD-WRT firmware. Still even using DIR-655, Belkin N+, Trendnet TEW-673GRU, best and the cheapest is the EnGenuis ESR-9850 is what I use today my review on the wireless router. Best to use mix mode is stable if you have G & N wnodes (wifi devices). Well anyway I use two APNs (access point networks) now for the two tablets. So I can use the tablets anywhere even outside in the woods or on the back porch. 802.11b,g,n set to mix modewireless channel set to autowireless scheduling set to nonewireless security set to wpa2 aesThere is app for wifi analyzer might want to give that a spin to see how well your wifi router and tablet are doing?
You model might have a defective wireless hardware. Just replace with a another, you get 90 days from Kmart and 1 year with AuGen.
You got 4 APNs but different brands. So your SSID is not the same for all 4 of them? The only thing should be different is the channel you use. Passcode should to be the same. Make sure you don't use WPS instead of manually creating a Passcode. WPS on Gentouch78 don't play nice. Wireless mode should be mix 802.11 b,g,n. I would disable WPS on all your APNs.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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