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Augen GenTouch78 - Issues that I cant fix (WI-FI)

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Hello: I have been lurking here and after weeks of looking for the Gentouch, I finally located some at Kmart. Here is the issue that I have that I cant fix:1) The first one locked up when it did a Wi-Fi search and I had to reset it. 2) It could not locate my Wi-Fi network. I have a D-Link N router and made sure that it was accepting b/g. I even called D-Link to make sure. No matter how much I tried it did not link. I read on here another person with a similar problem in regards to Wi-Fi so I returned it to Kmart and got another new one.3) This new one is doing the same thing. I cannot get the Wi-Fi to link up. Here is what is occurring:Wi-Fi: "Opening IP address from Network." Then it says after trying: "Unsuccessful"My Network: "Remembered, secured with WEP."If anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong or what I need to do, please advise. Newbie here! If I cant get this to work, I will have to sadly return this for a refund and wait for antoher type of unit.Comments on the unit: It is slick and an awesome little tablet that is GREAT for the price.
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hey guys, just something to consider. I have had 4 wireless routers in my house this last year 2 linksys (different models) a netgear and a Trendnet, all G or N.What has ben the most aggrevating thing in the world, was that I could connect all day from all over the house with my $200 netbook.My wife's $600 laptop, no dice, WHEN it could find my router (found the peoples across the street just fine) it might connect 50% of the time, but the connection was TERRIBLE.So when the Augen came in, I was NOT surprised hen it wouldn't connect from the bedroom. I was VERY surprised when it wouldn't connect from 3 feet away.So being the ambitious sort I took a day and converted one of my Linksys routers (ok 2 of them I bricked the 1st one) and installed ddwrt. sighsame resultsso remembering what my boss went through when he installed ATT UVERSE, I went through the house and unplugged every wireless device we HAVE - 2 phone sets, a camera, 4 speaker sets and some NAS.HEY look EVERYBODY gets a GREAT signal! Now the ONLY thinkg I plugged back in is the ONE phone set that we actually use, but I think the issue was there were so many signals crossing the house the network just couldnt get through. so even if youre NOT as wireless as I am, try it, my boss only had to unplug 1 phone!
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[quote name='tipstir;48904]You got 4 APNs but different brands. So your SSID is not the same for all 4 of them? The only thing should be different is the channel you use. Passcode should to be the same. Make sure you don't use WPS instead of manually creating a Passcode. WPS on Gentouch78 don't play nice. Wireless mode should be mix 802.11 b' date='g,n. I would disable WPS on all your APNs.[/QUOTE'] Tips,I'm not sure if this was directed at me or not, I wasnt runnning 4 at the same time. I swapped them out looking for better signals> I never ran more than one at a time. ALthough my idea behind ddrt was to run one of the Linksys as a repeater. now I dont need it.j
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