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This is not really specific to the Tablet Express Dragon Touch Elite R97, as this seems to be a generic platform, same hardware and roms as Vido, Yuandao, etc. I am trying to find a tablet that supports audio input via the 3.5mm headset audio port, I know Onda, Ramos, Tuvva, and some others I cannot recall at the moment do not support audio input. I wrote a small application to test/show the headset plug state, but that relies on headset plug actions.

I inquired with Tablet Express pre-sales and they confirmed their tablet can receive audio input from an external microphone and/or headset with microphone. In my case I will be plugging in and using a ID Tech UniMag PRO magnetic stripe card reader. I am not sure if these devices can receive audio input or not. I noticed its missing the necessary hooks. Calls to code I normally would see, events being fired, are not. Not sure if there are missing kernel drivers, or what. But I do not get any HEADSET actions/broadcasts, which both my test application, one in development and ID Tech's Unimag applications all rely on these events/broadcasts.

Seems it might be missing kernel drivers per the following
10-03 03:12:30.430 377-391/system_process I/SystemServer﹕ Wired Accessory Manager
10-03 03:12:30.430 377-391/system_process W/WiredAccessoryManager﹕ This kernel does not have wired headset support
10-03 03:12:30.430 377-391/system_process W/WiredAccessoryManager﹕ This kernel does not have usb audio support
10-03 03:12:36.370 377-391/system_process V/WiredAccessoryManager﹕ init()

I have tried a few roms, presently running kasty-yuandao_vido-n90fhdrk-422-20130627-rooted4, but have tried Glass ROM, and the ones from TabletExpress. They all seem to have the same kernel, and thus missing the same drivers, etc.

I tried plugging in an external microphone, but I could not confirm if that worked or not. But without the action events/broadcasts, and the kernel drivers for WiredAccessoryManager, which most application rely on, I could not confirm if the device can receive any audio input from the 3.5mm headset jack/port.

Anyone have any information on this?
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