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Attention Android Developers!!!

Looking to help out or make some extra cash? Then we need you!!

Despite our best efforts TeamDRH has been unable to create a working webcam driver that is compatible with our kernel (2.6.39) and we are not ashamed to ask for help. TeamDRH is actively seeking an Android Developer that would be able to create a fully working driver for the webcam in our device and we are offering a $300 USD bounty to the first person to make this happen!

We believe we have all the documentation necessary for the creation of a driver however our team does not have the necessary skills to use this documentation to our advantage and we really require someone with an advanced skill set to get the heavy lifting done and we are willing to pay someone for their efforts. We are also having problems getting our microphone working as well and it would be an added bonus if this could be remedied but it is not our main focus at the momet.

If you are interested please email either myself or Fosser2 at one of the following email addresses.
fosser2 (at) teamdrh (dot) com
ch3vr0n5 (at) teamdrh (dot) com

In addition to the $300 USD we will also include any donations to our PayPal account with the note "Camera Bounty" attached to it so if you really want that camera working please feel free to donate to the cause however it of course not necessary. :-D

We look forward to the e-mails!!

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