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@ Ali: there has been very poor marketing, with lack of precise descriptions and only vague fingerpointing what's inside.

First it looked as if they would use ARM Mali-400 of even Mali-450. Then it was supposed to be the Vivante GC1000, but it had 4 cores and dedicated core for 2D, so the 'GC1000 Plus' was born, whatever that really is.
Since there was no clear answers, they could even have gone for somekind of PowerVR-solution.

Now people are actually getting their tablets in, it sure seems to lack graphic processing in the 3D department. It's being outperformed by the RK3066 SoC which uses Mali-400MP quadcore.
So using the power of deduction, you would have to agree it is in fact not a Mali, nobody ever claimed something about PowerVR, so lets skip that one and assume it is in fact a Vivante GC1000 Plus variant.
Though even that is not guaranteed, because on the tablet self, it says it contains a 'S5 Multicore Engine' build/sold by 'Advanced Graphics Corporation'.

What I can tell you in short is so much:

- Never go to a reseller/webstore if you want 100% correct information. A great deal of the time they have no clue what they're actually selling and just copying information from 'somewhere' without checking.
- The Ainol Tmall-stores advertised the Hero II with 'Mail400MP4' processor

Notice the misspelling too, not really to be trusted
- has a quadcore-page: , it says 'GC1000 plus'
- The tablet itself shows the GPU as 'S5 Multicore Engine' by 'Advanced Graphics Corporation'

So basicly, I don't think anybody can give you a 100% guaranteed correct answer.
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