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Are there ANY REAL Android 2.1 MIDS out there?????

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ANY Android Legit on these devices????? so, really, do ANY of these devices have a working Android Written for the particular CPU ? As my other post says, just discovered that even the Zt180 is just a "whatever" Android 2.1 flashed onto the device at seller level. Dont these things need the Droid to be written for the particular devices? So, do any of them? I know the Apad Rockchip has some nice folks in here that made new Droid for it particularly. Is that the only one? Are all others, even the Telechip with Droid just a hit or miss ? Serious question.... I'm really uncertain about buying ANYthing now. Or do i have it wrong.... do ALL units just get a generic Android 2.1 (or whatever) installed either at manufacturer or by the seller.... and as they discover what worked and what didn't sometimes the manufacturer releases updates, or the seller, or nice customizers like on Slatedroid ?help?
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i have an a81-e wits android tablet and on checking the os was installed by wits themselfs and it is android 2.1. i have had this unit for about a week and i have had no bother with the unit, it is well made. check merrimobiles site for full specs and check the there is now an update but if you order it will come with the update already installed
Well, unfortunately Wits's android is not far from "whatever Android 2.1", they use slightly changed Android ROM for this I do hope, that they will make it fully functional, but judging by late firmware updates, Wits's engineers aren't capable of Android development, but can do some minor tweaks to simulate boiling activity.
I agree with Dalkor, i have the W1060 (aka A81-E) the 2.1 from wits is basically phone software, they didnt take the phone bits out, the sound just got fixed, but now music plays at about 10% increased speed (annoying), whereas before the sound was garbage, no market (annoying) if you pop over to JT forums you will see a long list of issues that Wits cant/wont fix.
Augen Gentouch looks exactly like Dawa D7 or whatever X10, I have no Idea in what state there Android is, but i have some hints. Dawa D7 has no SIM card slot and there is no info that Gentouch has, but in this video
we can see a full signal icon and EDGE icon, I suppose that it can be a bug. But I don't want to jump to conclusions, in a few weeks we will surely get a review from actual owners and everything will be clear.
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